Spending time with friends and family can greatly boost our mental health. Often, these gatherings mean sharing good food and drinks. Most of the time, you hardly notice time passing when you’re having a good time. Before you know it, a simple gathering has become a night of drinking and merry-making. Too much alcohol consumption means you’re likely to suffer a terrible hangover the morning after. 

One of the most dreaded symptoms is a headache. Alcohol is a diuretic. Yes, it’s the reason you keep peeing while drinking. Unlike the usual fluids, like water, you tend to lose more fluid from your body when you consume alcoholic beverages. This can lead to dehydration and cause headaches. Apart from headaches, you’re also most likely to suffer from nausea and dry mouth. So the solution isn’t staying in bed. It’s replenishing your body with lost fluids. 

Can Tea Cure Hangovers?

While hydrating with water is good, you can also take a cup of tea to help your body recover faster. Most teas help your body replenish the lost nutrients, and some even have analgesic properties to help manage hangover headaches. 

Read on if you want to know what tea is best for hangovers. 

Best Tea for Hangover

Lemon Tea

lemon tea on top of a table with lemons by its side

When you wake up, the next best thing to do is prepare lemon tea. No evidence exists that directly says lemon tea helps cure hangovers. However, this tea has high levels of vitamin C that can help boost your body’s immune system. Several studies also point to the effects of vitamin C in reducing liver inflammation. 

Lemon also has high levels of antioxidants. Since hangovers result from the oxidative stress, the body undergoes during alcohol consumption, taking vitamin C can help suppress the symptoms of excessive alcohol intake. 

Squeezing lemon into a hot cup or along with your morning tea can help you power through the day. Plus, it’s also great for boosting your mood

What’s the perfect pairing? Mix lemon and ginger to keep the hangover headache at bay and improve your immune system. End your day with a cold brew to hydrate and remove toxins from your body. 

Ginger Tea

ginger tea on top of a table with ginger by its side

Ginger is great for fighting nausea you’re most likely experiencing right now. Some even call it the hangover tea. That’s why it’s regarded as the best tea for hangovers. It’s great to take when you have to push yourself to work after a weekend of indulgence. 

Ginger tea has the right amount of caffeine that wouldn’t contribute further to dehydration. Just enough to keep you awake while controlling nausea and vomiting

According to studies, shogaols in dried ginger have high antioxidants and help increase digestive responsiveness and reduce nausea. 

Make ginger tea by grating a small knob of ginger and letting it soak in boiling water for about 20 minutes, depending on how strong you want. Strain and enjoy. 

Ginger tea can have a spicy flavor. You may enjoy it with a lemon, cinnamon, or honey to make it bearable to drink. 

So if you want to know what tea that helps with hangover, the answer is most definitely ginger tea. 

Turmeric Tea

turmeric tea on top of a table with turmeric by its side

What’s the perfect herbal tea for a hangover? Many would say it’s turmeric tea. Why? Turmeric offers pain relief and reduction of inflammation. They’re also great for stimulating blood flow and improving metabolism. So if you want your body to come back after an eventful night of drinking with your friends, drinking turmeric tea can help you detoxify. Plus, this tea can also help soothe the nerves and offer hydration for your organs.

Like ginger tea, turmeric tea is also great for controlling nausea and vomiting. Some claim that if you’re suffering from a severe hangover bout, combining ginger and turmeric tea makes for a powerhouse hangover tea. 

Peppermint Tea for Hangover

peppermint tea on top of a table with peppermint tea leaves by its side

Thinking of drinking peppermint tea for a hangover? Then, prepare for some soothing relief to help you get through your day. Not only does it add freshness to your morning cup, but it also helps give you that much-needed focus after a blurry night out with your friends. 

Traditionally, peppermint tea is a go-to treatment for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. The mint tea aids the digestive system by relieving bloating, tension, and queasy feeling after alcohol consumption. Peppermint is also known to speed up the process of detoxification. 

Spearmint Tea

spearmint tea on top of a plate with spearmint leaves by its side

Like peppermint tea, spearmint tea also offers a refreshing minty flavor to help reduce stomach symptoms like bloatedness and indigestion. It’s best to take a spearmint tea when you need to attend a meeting despite your hangover. This tea will help provide clarity and improve concentration. 

Prepare a hot spearmint tea in the morning. Take them in between meetings so you can stay focused as you work. When you get home from work and still feel queasy from the after-effects of alcohol, mix spearmint with ginger to help calm your digestive system. 

Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus tea with dried hibiscus petals by its side

Like lemon tea, hibiscus tea is packed with tons of vitamin C to boost your immune system. This will help you recover from your hangover. Studies have also found hibiscus tea to have liver protection properties. Its high levels of antioxidant activity in the extracts protect the liver from a barrage of toxins. 

Furthermore, hibiscus also reduces bloating, gas, and cramping, often after too much alcohol intake. It relaxes the digestive system enough to prevent nausea. That’s why it’s a popular tea that helps with a hangover. 

Herbal Tea for Hangover

herbal tea with different dried herbal leaves by its side

Sometimes the reason for drinking is not always something happy. If you’ve drunk the night away to chase away some somber mood, you’d need something that can help add a dash of sunshine. Besides helping you recover from a hangover, herbal tea is perfect for improving your mood. 

The best combination for this is a mixture of rose, chamomile, hibiscus, and saffron. 


matcha tea with matcha powder

Matcha is a superfood for a good reason. It offers tons of benefits for improving health. But did you know that being an effective hangover cure is one of them? Yes, it bears the perfect trifecta that helps you become a better person before the hangover. 

It has enough caffeine to give you energy, high levels of antioxidants for detoxification, and healthy amounts of chlorophyll to oxygenate your blood. Matcha is also proven to offer liver protection. 

While you can reap the benefits of matcha when taken plain, it’s best to couple it with coconut water. It’s the perfect combination to restore electrolyte balance and rehydrate your body. 

Chamomile Tea for Hangover

chamomile tea with chamomile flowers by its side

As one of the more popular teas in the market, you may ask, “Can I drink chamomile tea after drinking alcohol?” The short answer is yes. 

Chamomile is a caffeine-free option to help settle your stomach while hydrating your body. It’s also an excellent immune booster. 

Earl Grey Tea

earl grey tea with earl grey leaves and lime by its side

Earl grey tea is a favorite among English tea drinkers. If you have a hangover, it might soon become your favorite too. Its caffeine content is lower than what you would find in a coffee, and it has L-theanine to give you a boost of energy without the jitters.

It also has impressive effects on your digestive system. Earl grey tea has properties that improve gut health and aid in digestion. They’re great for reducing acid reflux, which can occur after a night of alcohol consumption. 

Other Home Remedies

After a cup of tea, there are other home remedies you can try to help you recover faster: 

  • Get enough sleep. Allow your body to regain the lost energy after a night of drinking. Giving your body the time it needs to recuperate will help you manage hangover symptoms faster. 
  • Stay hydrated. Aside from tea, you can counteract fluid loss by drinking tons of water. Make sure you also have water to hydrate your body. You can also consume coconut water or sports drinks to replace the lost electrolytes. 
  • Eat. When you’re suffering from hangover nausea, you might dislike the idea of consuming anything. But it’s important to fill your stomach. Make sure to consume carbohydrates, eggs, or bananas. 
  • Take Supplements. Some effective supplements that can relieve hangovers are red ginseng, Korean pear, and prickly pear. 


There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a weekend of fun. After all, having a good work-life balance is good for your mental health. However, it’s also important to do everything in moderation. Too much of something, in this case, alcohol, can make you suffer and regret the indulgence. 


How long is the average hangover?

It depends on how fast you can clear your body of the toxic byproducts of alcohol. But you can typically expect symptoms to ease between eight to 24 hours. So it’s important to hydrate and treat symptoms as necessary. 

How do you cure a hangover fast?

You can cure hangovers quickly by preventing further dehydration. So don’t try to drink any alcoholic beverage; drink plenty of water or tea. You can take over-the-counter pain meds for any pain symptoms, like a headache. Sleep also helps your body recover faster.

What is the best natural cure for a hangover?

Water. As mentioned, a hangover is a result of dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, some organs don’t function well as they should. It’s important to replenish the lost water.