Are you looking for a perfect brewed tea intended for the summer season? Do you want to discover how the sun can transform tea leaves into a naturally delicious beverage? 

Sun tea is a traditional summer beverage that typically reminds you of the simple and natural way of brewing tea through nature’s warmth. It is a way of harnessing the sun’s power in your kitchen to produce a highly rewarding drink in the comfort of your home. 

This article is perfect for those who want to indulge in a step-by-step guide to making aromatic and soothing sun tea. It is also intended for tea enthusiasts or even beginners, as sun tea is described as a low-effort refreshing drink everyone will love. What are you waiting for? Get ready to elevate your tea game with the natural magic of the sun!

What Is Sun Tea?

This sun tea recipe involves steeping tea bags inside a container left under the sun. As the name suggests, sun tea is popular in the American South, where the hot climate is usual and making iced tea is slower and more leisurely. Given its mild and naturally sweet flavor, sun tea is favored and is considered a warm-weather drink.

In the Southern United States, Texas, Georgia, and Alabama are famous sun tea locations. These areas are among those experiencing the summer season, making them ideal places for naturally brewing tea.

Over a few hours, the sun’s heat infuses the water with a milder or less bitter flavor than the traditional hot-brewed tea. A glass jar or pitcher is typically used as a container for steeping tea under the sun. It is also advised to use a lid cover to prevent contaminants from entering the beverage.

What Does Sun Tea Taste Like?

Sun tea is a cool and mildly sweet drink. It has a gentle, sun-kissed flavor, making it a great choice for sunny days.

What Is Sun Tea Good For?

Have you ever imagined yourself drinking sun tea during the hot summer season? Sun tea is the right choice of beverage if you want to quench your thirst on a hot day. Aside from its cooling properties, others claim it has antioxidant properties, making sun tea a beneficial drink for many. 

Sun Tea Ingredients

Gathering all your ingredients before brewing your perfect cup of tea is essential. The correct choice of ingredients is one of the keys to crafting a refreshing and cooling sun tea. Below is the detailed guide and lists of sun tea ingredients: 

  1. Black Tea Bags: Have 4 to 6 black tea bags handy since this will be the base of your sun tea. Choosing and using high-quality black tea bags is the secret to making rich and robust flavored tea. 
  2. Water: Using at least 4 cups of cold, clean, and fresh water for sun tea is recommended. The water is a liquid base for your tea, so make sure it is filtered and high-quality for an enhanced overall taste.
  3. Sugar/Sweeteners (Optional): Use sugar or other alternatives like honey or agave syrup to improve your tea taste. You may add ¼ to ½ cup of sugar and adjust according to your taste buds or preferences. 
  4. Lemon (Optional): Want some citrusy flavor to your tea? You may incorporate a lemon slice for a more delightful tea experience. Lemon slices may also be considered a garnish that provides a refreshing and zesty note to your drink. 
  5. Fresh Mint Leaves (Optional): An optional addition to your tea that boosts the aroma and flavor of your beverage. It makes your tea healthier with its refreshing herbal touch. 
  6. Fruit Slices (Optional): A fruity dimension in your sun tea depends on how many fruit slices you incorporate in your tea. To unleash the natural sweetness of your tea, you may add oranges, peaches, or berries. These fruits will also offer a distinct and appealing flavor for your drink. 

How To Prepare Sun Tea

Some of you might ask: how do you make sun tea? This refreshing drink involves a no-fuss method that allows the sun’s heat to infuse your tea with a mellow flavor. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare sun tea:

Step 1: Select The Tea

Choose the type and number of tea bags you want to use for your sun tea. Remember, the strength of your tea depends on how many tea bags you use. If you use more tea bags, it will take longer for the tea to be ready under the sun.

Step 2: Prepare The Container

To prevent anything extra from getting in, store your mix in a sealed glass or plastic container. Make sure it’s big enough, clean, and ready to hold the water you want to use.

Step 3: Add The Tea Bags 

One tea bag for every cup of tea should be added to water, which can be kept in a clean container.

Step 4: Add The Water

In 240 milliliters, or eight ounces, of water, use one tea bag per eight. Make sure the water has covered all of the tea bags by giving them a quick stir. 

Step 5: Sweeten (Optional)

Add sugar or any sweetener if your sweet tooth is activated and you want a sweet sun tea. Make sure to stir your tea until the added sweeteners are dissolved.

Step 6: Flavor (Optional)

Add a slice of lemon or a few newly picked fresh mints to your tea mixture. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your fruit or herbal additives to craft a unique and flavorful beverage. 

Step 7: Seal And Position In The Sun

Make sure to seal your container correctly while you place it in a sunny location on your windowsill or backyard. Expose your container directly to the sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. 

Step 8: Steep

Allow your tea to steep under the sun for 2 to 3 hours. The direct heat from the sun infuses the tea’s mild and smooth flavors. 

Step 9: Check For Desired Strength

After carefully steeping your tea, remove your tea bags and any flavorings you incorporate into your beverage. Conduct your tea tasting to know if your drink reaches your desired outcome or particular tea strength.

Step 10: Chill And Serve

Put your container in the refrigerator to chill your sun tea for a few hours. Once it is cool, serve your sun tea with a cube of crushed ice and garnish it with a lemon slice for a citrusy taste or fresh mint for a herbal touch. 

Tips For Making Sun Tea

Sun tea is considered a refreshing and simple drink that involves a not-so-intricate procedure when crafted. The power to make a perfect cup mainly depends on the tea bags or leaves used. Here are some tips for brewing a mouth-watering and thirst-quenching batch of sun tea:

Best Brewing Time

The taste of tea changes depending on when you make it. To get the best flavor and strength, put your tea in the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM when it’s really sunny. This will make your tea taste the best.

Best Rinsing Sun Tea

It is crucial to have a clean and chemical-free container for your tea-steeping journey. Avoid using harsh chemicals or soap as you wash your container to ensure you don’t leave any residue that may affect the taste of your brewed tea. The use of hot water is advised to leave your container clean and ready for infusing the pure essence of your tea leaves or bags. 

Choose The Appropriate Tea

Tea enthusiasts and beginners may use high-quality tea as a base for sun tea. Choose a suitable and sound type of tea bag or loose leaf to achieve the best result for your beverage. Feel free to experiment with flavors using black tea and other types, like herbal tea, green tea, or fruity blends for a unique twist. 

Sweeten Thoughtfully

Do you have your sweet tooth activated? If so, you should choose sweetened tea! When your tea is still warm or has just finished brewing, add sugar or other sweets to enhance its flavor. The heat from the drink will enable the sugar to dissolve more efficiently. You may adjust the sweetness of your tea according to your liking. 

Sun Tea Nutritional Facts

Sun tea is a healthy drink with specific nutritional values depending on your preparation process and ingredients. The figures given below are based on one serving or 8-ounce (240 ml serving)

  • Calories: 0-2 calories
  • Carbohydrates: >1 gram 
  • Protein: >1 gram
  • Fat: 0
  • Saturated Fat:
  • Cholesterol: 0
  • Sodium: 5 milligrams
  • Potassium: 10-20 milligrams
  • Sugar: 0
  • Vitamin: 0
  • Calcium: 0

Sample Disclaimer: The nutritional facts stipulated above are estimates and will vary depending on the optional ingredients or sweeteners you add to your drink. It will also differ based on the serving size and ingredients you use. Always check the product label for more accurate nutritional values, especially if you have specific dietary requirements. 

Sun Tea Benefits

Sun tea removes your thirst during hot summer days and offers a range of beneficial health benefits. Here are the seven tea benefits you have to know and consider: 

Antioxidant Boost

Sun tea is a beverage of choice as an antioxidant source to help you combat and fight off free radicals and oxidative stress, reducing the risk of potential chronic diseases. 


Drinking tea is an excellent way to stay hydrated, especially during the summer. The mild flavor of this beverage makes it a light option for you to stay refreshed all year round. 

Blood Sugar Regulation

Studies suggest that herbal teas, such as cinnamon or hibiscus tea used as a base in sun tea, help regulate one’s sugar levels, making it a drink of choice for those with diabetes. 

Digestive Aid

The tea bases used in sun tea, like peppermint and ginger, help aid digestion and alleviate stomach aches or discomfort. 

Weight Management

Since sun tea is low in calories, it helps you lose and manage your weight. It also has suppressing properties that assist you with a balanced diet. 

Mental Relaxation

Crafting and consuming your soothing sun tea may be considered a calming ritual. Engaging in such activities can offer a moment of mindfulness and relaxation in your day. 

Improved Skin Health 

The antioxidants in sun tea also shield your skin from the harmful effects of the sun or UV rays, thus promoting a healthy and clear complexion. 


What Is Sun Tea?

Sun tea results from brewing and steeping your tea in the sunlight. It involves placing a tea bag inside a container with the right amount of water and leaving it in direct sunlight for a certain time. The sun’s direct rays slowly steep the tea, creating a mild and light flavor compared to hot-brewed tea. 

Is Sun Tea Good For You?

Yes, sun tea is a healthy beverage that offers various health benefits. It is suitable for maintaining weight, healthy skin complexion, regulating blood sugar, and mental relaxation. Sun tea is relatively healthy, especially if no sugar or sweeteners are added to your beverage.