Ever wondered how to make a refreshing kiwi milk tea at home?  

Interesting fact time! Did you know that kiwis are tasty and packed with Vitamin C, too? Adding them to your milk tea enhances the flavor and boosts your health!

Our “kiwi milk tea recipe” article is perfect for tea lovers. It’s for those who love experimenting with flavors and creating unique beverages. 

What is Kiwi Milk Tea?

Kiwi milk tea, a unique twist on the traditional drink, is incredibly popular in Taiwan. People love this fruity version of milk tea in many parts of the world.

Now, what exactly is kiwi milk tea? It’s a delightful drink made from tea, milk, sweetener and, you guessed it, kiwis! This fruity addition turns the humble milk tea into an exotic, refreshing beverage.

What Does Kiwi Milk Tea Taste Like?

The kiwi gives milk tea a unique flavor that could be sweeter but just right. It’s like drinking on a tropical vacation. Simply put, it’s like a kiwi with milk.

What is Kiwi Milk Tea Good for?

Is kiwi milk tea good for anything besides delighting our taste buds? This drink’s star, the kiwi, comes loaded with Vitamin C, offering a boost to your immune system. The tea provides antioxidants that contribute to heart health. Each sip you take from your kiwi milk tea serves as a mini health boost.

Kiwi Milk Tea Ingredients

stacked and sliced kiwi fruit

Ready to turn your kitchen into a mini tea shop? Great!  

  • Tea: We’re starting with the base – tea. You’ll need about two teaspoons of your favorite black or green tea.
  • Milk: Add a creamy touch with one cup of milk. You can use any kind you like, including dairy-free options.
  • Kiwis: You’ll need two ripe kiwis for that tangy sweetness.
  • Sweetener: To balance the flavors, have two tablespoons of honey or sugar ready. But remember, this ingredient is optional. If you like less sweet, you can skip it.
  • Ice cubes: Have a handful of ice cubes ready for a nice, cold drink.
  • Boba (optional): You’ll need a cup of chewy tapioca pearls, or boba if you enjoy having them in your tea. Feel free to skip them if they’re not to your taste.

How To Prepare Kiwi Boba Tea

Here are the steps in making kiwi boba tea:

  1. Brew the tea: Start your brew by immersing your tea in hot water. Aim for 185°F (85°C) if you’re brewing green tea and around 203°F (95°C) for black tea. Allow it to steep for 3 to 5 minutes before discarding the tea leaves or tea bag.
  2. Prepare the kiwis: Peel and chop your kiwis while the tea cools. You’ll want to mash them up to get all the juicy flavor out.
  3. Mix it all: Next, add your kiwi mash to a glass. Pour in the tea, add your sweetener if using, and stir well.
  4. Add milk: Pour in your milk, giving it a good stir to mix all the flavors.
  5. Ice it up: Toss in some ice cubes for a refreshing chill.
  6. Add boba (optional): If you’re using boba, add them last. Now you have a glass of homemade kiwi milk tea.

5 Tips for Making Kiwi Milk Tea

kiwi fruit on white plate

Think making kiwi milk tea is easy? It is, but some pro tips can make your drink even better! Let’s share some secrets to help you become a kiwi milk tea master.

  1. Find Your Perfect Brew Time: Teas have different brewing times. Green tea needs less time, usually about 2 to 3 minutes, while black tea needs a bit longer, about 3 to 5 minutes. Remember, overbrewing can make your tea bitter!
  2. Rinse Your Kiwis Well: Kiwis can carry dirt or pesticides on their skin. Even though we don’t use the skin in our tea, always rinse them well before peeling and chopping. Clean fruits make for a clean, healthy drink!
  3. Consider Kiwi Size: Kiwis come in different sizes. If your kiwis are big, one might be enough. For smaller kiwis, you might want to use 2 or even 3. Adjust according to your taste preference.
  4. Chill Your Glass: For an extra refreshing kiwi milk tea, try chilling your glass in the fridge before making your drink. It helps keep your tea cooler for longer.
  5. Experiment with Sweeteners: Honey and sugar are common, but you can try other sweeteners, too. Agave syrup or stevia will give your kiwi milk tea a unique flavor.

Kiwi Milk Tea Nutritional Facts

Looking at your drink, have you ever wondered what’s in it besides flavor? Your kiwi milk tea isn’t just delicious; it’s got a variety of nutrients, too. Let’s see what a typical serving of kiwi milk tea might contain.

  • Calories: 200-250 calories
  • Carbohydrates: 40-50 grams
  • Protein: 5-10 grams
  • Fat: 3-5 grams
  • Saturated Fat: 2-3 grams
  • Cholesterol: 5 milligrams or less
  • Sodium: 50-100 milligrams
  • Potassium: 300-400 milligrams
  • Sugar: 20-30 grams
  • Vitamin C: 60-70 milligrams
  • Calcium: 100-200 milligrams

Disclaimer: Adding sweeteners or high-fat milk can increase kiwi milk tea’s calories and sugar. This delicious drink contains antioxidants from tea and vitamin C from kiwi, providing several health advantages. Just like any other food, strive to incorporate your kiwi milk tea into a balanced diet.

6 Kiwi Milk Tea Benefits

Along with being a delicious treat, did you know kiwi milk tea has some cool health benefits, too? It’s like a tasty medicine! Let’s explore six awesome benefits that come from sipping this fantastic drink.

  1. Boosts Immune System: Kiwi is loaded with Vitamin C, which is key for a strong immune system. Drinking kiwi milk tea can help your body fight off germs.
  2. Good for Heart: The tea in your drink has antioxidants that can keep your heart healthy. 
  3. Hydrates Your Body: All that fluid in your kiwi milk tea helps to keep your body hydrated, especially on a hot day.
  4. Improves Digestion: Kiwi has enzymes that can help your body break down food. That means drinking kiwi milk tea might even help your tummy feel better!
  5. Great Source of Calcium: The milk in your tea serves as an excellent source of calcium, vital for maintaining strong bones and teeth.
  6. Mood Lifter: Not to be forgotten, the delightful flavor of kiwi milk tea can enhance your mood and put a smile on your face!


How Much Kiwi Milk to Use?

For a standard kiwi milk tea, you’d typically use about one cup of milk. But remember, it’s your drink, so you can adjust this to your preference!

How to Rinse Kiwi Milk Tea?

Rinsing isn’t usually needed for kiwi milk tea, but if you’re asking about cleaning the kiwis, simply hold them under running water and rub gently. Always rinse your fruit before use.

How to Drink Kiwi Milk Tea?

Enjoy your kiwi milk tea chilled for the best taste. Sip it directly from the glass, or use a straw. For a fun twist, use a spoon to eat the kiwi pieces.

What Does Kiwi Fruit Tea Taste Like?

Expect a unique and refreshing flavor from kiwi milk tea. It offers a sweet yet slightly tart taste from the kiwi, perfectly balanced with the gentle earthiness of the tea.

Is Kiwi Good in Tea?

Yes, kiwi is great in tea! Its tangy sweetness adds a refreshing twist to your tea, making it a delicious treat.

What is Kiwi Boba Made of?

Kiwi-infused syrup soaks the tapioca pearls to create kiwi boba. This process gives them a fruity flavor, enhancing the taste of the tea.

Is Kiwi Boba Good?

Yes. If the sweet, chewy texture of boba excites you and you enjoy the freshness of kiwi, kiwi boba will surely please your palate. It introduces a delightful layer of flavor to your tea.

Is Fruit Boba Healthy?

Yes, fruit boba, like kiwi boba, can offer health benefits due to the natural vitamins in the fruit. But remember, it often contains high amounts of sugar, so moderate consumption is key.

What is the Most Unhealthy Boba?

The healthiness of boba largely depends on what it’s made of and how it’s prepared. Boba that’s heavily loaded with sugar or artificial flavors tends to be less healthy.