Cranberries are related to blueberries, lingonberries, and bilberries, which are all members of the heather family. The North American cranberry is the most common species grown, and other variations of cranberries are everywhere. Cranberries are rarely eaten raw because of their sharp and sour taste, which people most often consume as a sweetened and blended juice.

There are also wide varieties of cranberry products, such as dried cranberries, sauces, juices, powders, and extracts, that people can use as supplements. Cranberries are also rich in different healthy plant compounds and vitamins that are effective against urinary tract infections.

The popularity of health drinks and juices is rising, and cranberry-flavored is one of the favorites. Cranberry tea is the latest addition to the health drink craze because it provides many benefits. Consumers can also mix cranberry tea with other tea or juice flavors to improve its taste.

Cranberry tea is a refreshing drink that anyone can enjoy with the wide varieties available in the market. 

Ready for the best hot tea recipe using cranberry?

Prepare yourself to learn how to make your cranberry tea with the details below.

What is Cranberry Tea?

two cups of cranberry tea with dipped cinnamon stick placed on top of a piece wood isolated on a white background

Cranberry tea is a concoction that brings in the rich flavors of Cranberries into a delightful beverage. Cranberry is known for its distinct round and red fruits that grow on vines. They serve many different purposes, such as dyes in food and medicines. 

What Does Cranberry Tea Taste Like?

When you drink hot cranberry tea, you’ll notice that it has a tangy, tasty punch. The tea brews into a ruby-pinkish-red color that emits a rich summer sweetness. Once , the cranberry tea sweetens and produces an aroma similar to a fruit compote. 

Cranberry tea has a fruity depth that gives you an intense and refreshing feeling. It also has an aftertaste that you will remember. It leaves a long-lasting sweetness that coats gently inside your mouth, and you will crave some more.

Cranberry Tea Benefits

cranberries on a bowl

Cranberry tea is a delicious drink with many health benefits because it contains vitamins and antioxidants. A cup of cranberry tea provides Vitamin E, K, and C, which we need to improve and maintain overall good health. Cranberry tea can also help reduce weight and help with proper digestion. 

The list below shows some benefits while enjoying a sip of cranberry tea.

Good Source of Antioxidants

It is known that anything citrusy in nature has the benefit of antioxidants. The antioxidants in cranberry teas help control the human cells’ oxidative state to live longer. As we grow older, the chemicals from water sources, harmful foods, and the sun’s heat can reduce our vitality and break up healthy cells in our bodies.

Our bodies need antioxidants to stop degeneration of our bodies. Cranberries are a good source of antioxidants and have many antioxidant compounds that you can find in their skin. Drinking cranberry tea daily can help you achieve a youthful body.

Weight Loss

Many people who are undergoing weight loss programs experience plateauing. This is a frustrating event in their journey, and many people lose hope in losing weight. One solution for this weight loss problem is a good source of mild detox, which will increase our metabolism and overcome plateauing. People who drink cranberry tea will see a slow but rewarding body change.

With cranberry tea, weight loss is possible, especially if it doesn’t contain any sugar. It can help remove excess water in our bodies and will work as a diuretic, which helps in losing weight. Flushing out water will flush toxins, reduce water weight, and prevent bloating.

Collagen Production

A lot of people do not want to see early signs of aging. One of the most apparent signs is the fine lines that build up around your face. The solution to preventing signs of aging is to increase your collagen intake. You do not have to worry about how to do this because many fruits and flowers are good sources of collagen, which you can incorporate into your daily diet.

A good cup of cranberry tea contains natural ingredients, such as rosehip and hibiscus. The cranberries and these increments can support collagen production and reduce those unwanted fine lines on your skin.

Helps Relieve UTI

One of the best solutions to treating UTI (urinary tract infection) is to flush out the toxins. Regularly consuming diluted cranberry juice can help relieve UTIs because it contains diuretic properties. Cranberry tea can help prevent UTIs, but it doesn’t have any scientific evidence. Despite the lack of backing, the infusion of cranberry tea with apples can help people prone to infection.

Contains Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps increase your immunity. You can choose to have it with standard tablets or from a deliciously brewed tea. Cranberry tea is a good source of vitamin C, depending on the infusion of ingredients used in the drink. It will also help boost your immunity for a couple of days. Vitamin C can also help produce glowing skin and the formation of collagen, and it is good for your heart. 


A cranberry tea infusion can help boost anti-oxidative properties. Cranberry tea can also help reduce different kinds of inflammation that occur in our bodies and is an easier way of flushing toxins out. The inflammation that occurs in our bodies is caused by many factors, such as the consumption of stale food, overexertion, too much exercise, injuries, and many more. Cranberry tea produces anti-inflammatory properties for your needs.

Cranberry Tea Ingredients

Yield: 2 cups

Preparation Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Here’s what you need: 

  • Fresh cranberries or dried cranberry tea leaves (6 ounces): This dark red berry is available for a short season, from October to December, which makes it a perfect drink during the holiday season. If you are going to purchase cranberries, search for fresh, plump berries that are firm and deep red in color. You can store your cranberries in an airtight container and put them inside the refrigerator for up to three weeks. It is also essential to pick out any soft cranberries before storing them because they can spoil the whole pack.
  • Hot water (4 cups): Boil the water for three minutes before you put in the cranberries and other ingredients.      
  • Honey or natural sweetener (to taste): Honey or any natural sweetener will depend on how sweet you want for your drink.
  • Juiced oranges (2 pieces): An optional ingredient for your cranberry tea infusion.
  • Juiced lemons (2 pieces): Adds more flavor to your drink and more vitamin C!
  • Cinnamon sticks (2 pieces): Cinnamon sticks give a refreshing aroma to your drink. 

How to Make Cranberry Tea

a cup of cranberry tea with lemon and cinnamon sticks on a wood table

The infusion of cranberry apple, or other blends of cranberry tea, is sweet and tart, which is good to drink warm during the winter season. You may brew the tea and then leave it inside the refrigerator to chill, which makes it more delicious and a healthy substitute for aerated sodas. You may also have an infusion of cranberry tea with your favorite alcoholic beverage. 

Here’s our cranberry tea recipe:

Rinse your cranberries.

Rinse your cranberries with cold water and put them in a large pot. It is essential to clean your ingredients before brewing.

Boil the water.

After putting all your cranberries in a large pot, pour four cups of water and boil them.

Add the other ingredients.

Add the 2 cinnamon sticks and 6 whole cloves while boiling the mixture. Let the cranberries cook for 15 minutes on a medium-high setting. Wait until they pop and become gushy. 

Strain the mixture.

You can strain your cooked cranberry mixture while it is still hot. Prepare a large bowl and use a spoon or potato masher to separate the liquid.

Add one lemon and sweetener.

Pour lemon juice into the bowl. If you want your tea to be sweeter, add a tablespoon or two of honey or sugar to your best homemade hot tea recipes.

Serve and enjoy!

The flavors of your cranberry tea ingredients give a perfect combination for a delicious drink. You may also refrigerate your prepared concentrate and consume them whenever you want.

Add this to your trove of easy hot tea recipes for the weekend. 


Can dried cranberries be used in tea?

It is common to use fresh cranberries in preparing cranberry tea, but you can also use dried cranberries. It still provides the same health benefits but tastes different from fresh cranberries.

Is cranberry tea good for your kidneys?

Cranberry tea is a good source of vitamins C, E, and K, which our body needs to eliminate toxins, increase metabolism, and burn fats. Its detox capability benefits the liver, urinary tract, lymph nodes, and kidneys. 

Cranberry tea is also effective in treating oral diseases, such as gingivitis, and helps treat stomach and breast cancers. This delicious tea is an effective solution to lowering cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Despite all these benefits, the excess intake of cranberry tea may result in kidney stone formation. It is crucial to practice drinking in moderation. 

Can you eat raw cranberries?

Cranberries are safe to eat, whether they are raw or cooked. Due to their notoriously bitter and sharp taste, many people would rather not eat them raw or unsweetened. Their high tannin content causes the bitter taste of cranberries. Tannins are plant compounds found in large amounts of wine, dark chocolate, and coffee. Eating too much of this fruit may cause stomach aches.

Consume cranberry tea or juice in moderation. A single serving of 120 ml of cranberry juice would be the ideal daily consumption. Too much consumption may lead to diarrhea