Boba tea is one of the most popular drinks for people of all ages. It has the great taste of milk tea and the chewy texture of tapioca balls that makes it more addictive to search for the drink and satisfy your craving. Bubble tea is popularly known as boba tea, and a lot of people would like to know how to create one with its many different flavors.

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and became a favorite drink in most parts of the world. Many nations now have boba tea chains sprouting from every corner because of high demand. There are also many flavors of the drink, and mango boba tea is among the top choices for consumers. A lot of people like this flavor so much that it increases their eagerness to learn how to make mango boba tea on their own. 

Here is a mango boba tea recipe so you can have a thoroughly enjoyable beverage you can with your loved ones. 

Before we go to the recipe, allow us to give you a quick background about mango milk tea. 

What is a Mango Milk Tea?

mango tea with a mango by its side

Mango milk tea is a milk tea flavor that people love to drink, especially during the summer season. It is made with green tea, milk, sugar syrup, boba, and mango juice. The mango milk tea recipe is easy to find, and anyone can enjoy preparing their drink instead of buying it from a store. Its fruity mango flavor is a hit with many people of all ages.

What Does Mango Milk Tea Boba Taste Like?

Many fruit-flavored milk teas make a great summer drink, such as blueberry milk tea, strawberry milk tea, or mango milk tea. The mango milk tea has the right amount of creaminess, a green tea base, and a striking mango flavor. Best served with ice to make it the perfect chilled drink on a hot day in summer.

Mango Bubble Tea Ingredients

sliced mangoes on top of other mangoes

Yield: 4 glasses

Preparation Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Cooking Time (tapioca pearl): 20 to 30 minutes

Here’s what you need: 

  • Mangoes (1 ½ cups): The flavoring agent for this magnificent drink is mango. You can choose from a variety of mango preparations for your mango boba tea.
  • Mango Pulp – Mango pulp is the ultimate ingredient that brings out the best mango bubble tea flavor. Although this is hard to find, you can buy it at some Indian grocery stores or any online shops. You may use different varieties of Indian mangoes, such as Alphonso and Kesar.
  • Fresh or Frozen Mango – You may also use ripe and sweet mangoes, whether it is fresh or frozen. Take out the mango’s pulp and blend it with a blender. You can also apply an alternative step to strain the pulp from a fibrous mango. Bubble teas must not contain any fibrous ingredients.
  • Mango Nectar – You can choose pure mango nectar and avoid artificial ones.
  • Frozen Mango Pulp – Using frozen mango pulp for your mango boba tea is also good, but it wouldn’t match the fresh pulps.
  • Boba (1 cup) – You may use black boba for your mango milk tea. It consists of tapioca starch and brown sugar flavoring, and it becomes black during cooking. You may also use any type of bobas such as clear boba, mini boba, popping boba, pastel-colored boba, or rainbow boba, in making your mango milk tea.
  • Maple Syrup – To add sweetness to the tapioca pearls, you can use maple syrup or the traditional brown sugar syrup. You may choose whatever is available.
  • Whole Milk (3 to 4 cups) – Bubble tea drinks need whole milk that is rich and smooth. You may also use low-fat milk as a substitute, but that will affect the texture and flavor of the mango boba tea. Some would also use soy milk or oat milk as an alternative ingredient.
  • Tea (3 bags) – There are many types of teas that you can use for your mango boba tea. You may choose between black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, earl tea, and many more. Jasmine tea makes a good combination with mango for mango boba tea.
  • Ice Cubes – Mango boba drink is an iced sweet tea, and it tastes well with lots of ice cubes.

How to Make Mango Boba Tea

a person preparing to brew a tea

Step 1: Brew the Tea

To begin making your mango boba tea, you need to prepare the jasmine tea by boiling water to 100 degrees Celcius. Once boiling, turn off the heat and transfer the water into a cup along with the teabag of jasmine. Cover the cup with a plate and leave it for three minutes. Remove the tea bag and let it cool down to assemble the mango boba tea.

Step 2: Cook the Boba

You will need 4 cups of water and bring it to a boil, then add the brown sugar boba. Set the heat to high to medium and let it cook until they float on top of the boiling water. Wait for 5 minutes to cook the boba, then reduce the heat to cook 10 minutes more. 

Check the kind of texture you want on your boba. Once you achieve the desired texture, turn off the heat and keep the boba in boiling water for about five to seven minutes before you drain them. Set them aside in a bowl, and you may add maple syrup to them. Let it cool.

If you have a quick-cooking tapioca pearl, keep in mind that it would only take five minutes to cook them. You must follow the package instructions to cook them perfectly. Overcooking them will result in a gooey boba pearl, which would be unpleasant to consume. Undercooking them would be unpleasant as well because you will still taste the raw flour.

Step 3: Prepare the Mango-Flavored Milk

In making mango-flavored milk, you need to prepare your mango pulp. You can buy mango pulp at some specialty stores, or you may use fresh mangoes and remove the pulp. Use sugar to blend with the mango pulp until it turns smooth. 

Remove any mango fibers by straining them, then get the pulp. Add cold milk and the pulp while mixing it well. You may also use fresh mangoes for your mango-flavored milk. 

You may use any type of sweetener as a substitute for sugar for blending the mango pulp. If you are using pulp you bought in a store, it is already sweetened and ready to use as a mango-flavored syrup. Store the mango-flavored milk in the refrigerator to preserve the freshness until you assemble your mango boba tea.

Step 4: Assemble the Mango Boba Tea

Prepare your glasses to assemble your mango boba tea. Here’s what you need to do to assemble your mango boba tea:

  • Put the perfectly cooked tapioca pearls first into your glass.
  • Add the mango-flavored milk.
  • Pour the tea of your choice. 
  • Add ice cubes to the mixture.
  • Mix the drink and check the level of sweetness to your liking. 


  • You may keep all your ingredients refrigerated for up to three days and prepare another mango boba tea drink. But it would be best to prepare the exact amount of ingredients that you can consume.
  • You may consume your mango boba tea drink immediately if mixed with cooked boba. Cooked boba turns mushy if not consumed at a minimum of two hours.


What Is Mango Bubble Tea Made Of?

Mango Boba Tea is made of tapioca, tea, syrup, and mangoes. It is a refreshing drink with the great taste of mango flavor and the texture of tapioca pearls. You can find many stores selling this drink, and you can also create your own at home. 

What Goes With Mango Popping Boba?

Mango popping bobas are juicy balls that have a mango flavor that creates a popping sensation inside your mouth. The exterior of the popping boba is composed of seaweed extract that makes it vegetarian style and free of caffeine. Mango popping boba is a great garnish for your drink or dessert. They are perfect with croissants because the sweet and sour flavor of mango popping boba complements the plain flavor of the bread.

Does Mango Boba Tea Have Caffeine?

If you use jasmine tea for your mango boba tea, you will consume very little amount of caffeine for every glass. 

Is Mango Boba Tea Vegan?

Many people are now health conscious and are more careful with what they are eating or drinking. Some would ask, are bubble teas healthy? Then some choose a vegan diet as part of their healthy lifestyle. Since mango boba tea is popular in the market, many are wondering if it is vegan. It will depend on what type of boba tea you are drinking.

Milk boba tea is composed of dairy milk, which is not vegan. But boba teas also have fruit flavors, and it gives vegan-friendly choices. The boba in milk tea is often vegan, whereas tapioca pearls are vegan, and popping pearls are plant-based and made from sugar, water, fruit juice, and Alginic acid.

Are Tapioca Pearls Gluten-Free?

Tapioca pearls are made from starch extracted from cassava root. They are chewy balls of dough that give more pleasure in drinking boba teas. Cassava root is a good source of carbs and a major food source in areas such as South America. The extracted tapioca starch from a cassava root is gluten-free. Cassava root is not a grain, and grains like in wheat bread are incorporated with gluten.

What Is the Ideal Boba Flavor for First-Timers?

It is always best for first-timers to try basic black milk tea so that they would know how its simplest form would taste. The basic black milk tea is a combination of boba pearls, milk, and black tea, which gives a balanced flavor of tea, the chewy texture of tapioca pearls, and the freshness of milk. After tasting the basic milk tea, they can explore ahead with the other milk tea flavors.